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ships with templates you can use immediately

create PDF, HTML, DOCX, and compiled HTML documentation edit and update database object comments directly in DB Doc view inter-object dependencies in your documents fully customizable documentation layouts supports PostgreSQL 8.3 to 9.6
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Customizable layout
Share your documents easily
Get started in minutes
Create timely documentation
Ships with predefined layouts that you can use immediately.  Just create a new project, select your database, and generate your database schema documentation in a couple of clicks.
Creates PDF, HTML, DOCX, and compiled HTML documentation that you can share with your users easily.
View inter-object dependencies
Quickly view and inspect relationships between foreign keys, domains, sequences, and other database objects.  Use hyper-links to navigate easily between inter-interdependent objects.
Design your documentation according to your requirements.  Every element on the page can be customized.  Use different layouts for different audiences, or for different databases.
Download a free 14-day trial now, and start documenting your PostgreSQL database in minutes.
Download the FREE trial Samples
Take a look at some sample PDF, HTML, DOCX, and CHM documentation created by DB Doc.
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Automate the creation of your database schema documentation.  Set up the creation parameters once, and schedule it to run automatically so that you always have updated documentation at hand.
Edit and update comments easily
Eliminate tedious and time-consuming manual documentation tasks and satisfy audit requirements by keeping complete documentation.
DB Doc is the only PostgreSQL documentation tool youíll ever need, where you can o	generate pgsql documentation in HTML, PDF, DOCX, and CHM formats o	customize the layouts to your needs o	automate the documentation generation process so that you could even generate your database schema documents every hour, ensuring youíll always have the most up-to-date details. Take a look at how it takes only 4 steps for you to start creating great looking PostgreSQL documents. 4 steps, thatís all Product details