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identifies images and file types automatically identify images and files stored in OLE Object columns export embedded images to Excel spreadsheets supports Access, Firebird, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, SQL Server Compact, SQLite, and ODBC data sources
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SQL Blob Viewer

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SQL Blob Viewer and SQL Image Viewer are similar products - they help you identify the type of data that’s stored in your blob columns, and lets you export the blob data to disk.  However there are differences in the 2 products: SQL Image Viewer is a 32-bit application.  SQL Blob Viewer comes in 32-bit and 64-bit versions.  The 64- bit version will take advantage of the larger memory space to display bigger data sets. SQL Blob Viewer displays images and file details together with the result sets, while SQL Image Viewer displays images in a separate area from the textual data.
SQL Blob Viewer can export and embed images in Excel spreadsheets.
SQL Blob Viewer
SQL Image Viewer
Choose SQL Blob Viewer if you need to work with large data sets visually, or want to embed images in your spreadsheets.  Choose SQL Image Viewer if you need to view your images separate from your textual data.
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