Two Easy PDF Library questions

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Two Easy PDF Library questions

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I have two questions about Easy PDF Search, which we have been using for a few weeks:

a) Sometimes we are unable to delete a libraryl; the delete category/library selection is grayed out. What do we need to do to delete selected libraries?

b) We need to setup a high number of libraries with one folder selection in each, so that users will search PDF files in one folder only. There will be maybe 40 or more of these individual libraries. And we have 5 copies of the product license, so 5 users will each need to have the same library configuration.

Is there anyway to maybe export the libraries in one and allow them to import the library config to the others? Maybe an XML export/import or somehting similar?

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Re: Two Easy PDF Library questions

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To delete a library, you need to open the library properties page and use the deletion button there. We chose not to allow users to delete a library from the listing because we found that users too often deleted their libraries by accident.

In the next version, we will add functions to export and import the category/library configuration.

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