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SQL Size scripts
SQL Size ships with the following template scripts.  If you want to learn how these scripts work, and how you can modify them, you can find detailed code walk-throughs on the following pages. Basic-level scripts: raise alert if TEMPDB size > 1 GB raise alert if transaction log is > 50% of total database size raise alert if databases’ transaction log is > 1 GB raise alert if path has < 250 MB free space raise alert if data file is > 80% of the maximum allowable size Intermediate-level scripts: raise alert if average daily database growth is > 20% raise alert if average daily database growth is > 500 MB raise alert if TEMPDB data path has < 1 GB of free space Advanced-level scripts: raise alert if any path has inadequate space to store the next 2 extents growth for all databases raise alert if any path has inadequate space to store the next 14 days’ projected growth for all databases The provided templates give you a good starting point, and in most cases, you only need to modify a couple of values to customise the script to your needs.  The help file also provides details on the scripting engine and the various classes and functions available. If all else fails, drop us a line at support@yohz.com, and we will help you to the best of our ability.
analyse database growth easily using charts and graphs raise alerts when database growth exceed expectations identify the largest and fastest growing data files quickly have growth reports sent to you daily via email supports SQL Server 2005 and newer versions

Analyse SQL Server database

and table growth using 

SQL Size

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